Numerous people have expressed an interest in knowing more about Donald Rehm's background and career, perhaps to help themselves decide why they should believe him and not what they are told by their beloved doctors. For many, it is difficult and painful to admit that the trusted advisors they turn to with their health problems are, in fact, more interested in their money than their health. These doctors are also, more often than not, sorely lacking in important knowledge of their own field of work.

Keeping in mind that this crusade is not about self-promotion but about saving the vision of hundreds of millions of children the world over, here is some personal information that may help explain how he became involved in this work.

Donald Rehm, author of The Myopia Myth, president of the International Myopia Prevention Association, and inventor of the Myopter (an instrument that eliminates the harm of excessive reading), Modern Pinhole Glasses, and Snap-on Pinhole Glasses.