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The International Myopia Prevention Assn. is dedicated to informing the public about myopia prevention. These products are offered for you here only because they have been suppressed by the eye doctors and optical industry, making them next to impossible for you to get anywhere else.

The Myopia Myth: The Truth About Nearsightedness And How To Prevent It is the only book ever written that exposes what the eye doctors don't want you to know. The information on this website is only a small sample of what is in this book and what you need to know if you are not to be at the mercy of your eye doctor. Learn how to prevent myopia and save your vision or your child's vision. Don't be a victim! Order by check or credit card. $15. Or read it online at no cost at Ebook.
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is the first video ever made on the cause and prevention of myopia. It runs 10 minutes and is in color with animated instructional diagrams, covering such topics as: How myopia develops; How ordinary glasses ruin vision; The environmental cause of myopia; Good reading habits; Preventive aids such as the Myopter, which prevents myopia from developing and improves the vision of those who are already myopic. Order by check or credit card. $10.
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A person just becoming nearsighted may be able to use a pair of "plus 3" reading glasses from a drugstore. These glasses eliminate the need for the eyes to accommodate (focus close), removing the cause of myopia. These same glasses can also be used in middle age when fine print becomes hard to read. And you can use an eye chart to test your vision at home, without the need to pay an eye doctor. One pair of glasses for life! Is it any wonder that the eye doctors and optical companies want to keep this knowledge from you? Drugstore glasses are sized for adults. That's why we offer glasses for children in a smaller frame with optical centers 60mm apart in powers +3, +2.5, +2 and +1.5. $50.

Dark purple frames are currently in stock. We also have +1.0 in a GREEN frame.
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Kids' reader.
Width: 4.7 inches (119mm).
Length: 5 inches (126mm).

Ideal for the child who needs distance glasses to see the board in school. When close work needs to be done, flipping the clip-on down gives a +3 diopter "add", eliminating the stress of close work. This is easier than having two pairs of glasses, one for far and one for near. Polycarbonate lenses.$50.
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Flip-up Reader

Coiled head strap for use when reading glasses are used by a young child. Also advised to offset the weight of the flip-up reader. $3.
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Coiled Strap

Even better than reading glasses, this device eliminates not only accommodation, but convergence and stereopsis (3-dimensional effect) as well. It thus fulfills ALL the requirements for true distance vision when used for reading and has been shown to REVERSE myopia! Case studies are covered in The Myopia Myth. Granted US Patent 3,883,225, it is the ultimate in prevention. $230 with lenses.
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Myopter front view.
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